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Information for Suppliers

To find business opportunities with police forces in England and Wales, please register your details for free.

Changing the culture of policing to make it more commercially-minded will take us some time but we have been in contact with forces to identify which areas of business we should be turning our attentions to first.

At this early stage we are prioritising fleet, aviation, personal protection equipment (PPE), and professional services. If you represent a company whose services are relevant to these priority areas, we would be very interested to hear more about what your organisation potentially has to offer. Please contact us with any supporting information you feel would be relevant; including details of where your organisation has perhaps worked with policing before at either a local, national or international level, and/or any references or case study examples of successful services you have delivered.

We will review these expressions of interest, and a representative of BLC will contact you or arrange to meet or speak with you to explore any potential supply opportunities further.

As we grow the BLC organisation, other opportunities in Policing Commercial categories and processes we are looking to develop on behalf of policing will be posted on this page.

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