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Heather Benjamin joins BLC board as non-executive director


BlueLight Commercial is helping policing achieve value for taxpayers’ money, with Heather Benjamin joining its board to ensure the company delivers on that mission.

As she took her seat on the board today (22 July), Ms Benjamin said: ‘I am excited to be joining the board of BlueLight Commercial as a non-executive director. I am looking forward to working with the police in taking forward the ambitions of the new organisation.’

Two years ago, policing committed to delivering £100m of procurement savings, plus a further £20m of savings through shared services and ‘back office’ transactional functions. An independent report published yesterday noted police forces, by working together regionally, had “achieved improvements, such as the e-recruitment project in the All Wales Collaboration and the procurement project in the East of England Seven Force Strategic Alliance. However, there are still variances in how they operate.”

Ms Benjamin, herself once Chief Procurement Officer at Centrica, will help the BlueLight Commercial board oversee the work to reduce those variations.

Supported by the Home Office, Chief Constables, and Police and Crime Commissioners, BlueLight Commercial is working to identify and share best practice. By acting as a single voice to the market, the company can secure better deals from suppliers on behalf of taxpayers.

Chair of the board Matthew Scott said: ‘In accordance with the Policing Vision 2025, we remain determined to provide police forces’ support services in a more consistent manner; delivering efficiencies through economies of scale, and sharing procurement and best commercial practice. Doing so means we can make best use of taxpayers’ money and direct as much of it as possible to preventing and investigating crime.’

Ms Benjamin is also a non-executive director at Supply Chain Coordination Ltd, which works working with NHS Trusts and healthcare organisations across England and Wales. And she was recently appointed chair of Air Ambulances UK following the successful merger of the membership-based Association of Air Ambulances and the national charity Air Ambulances UK.

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