The current membership of BlueLight Commercial consists of policing bodies representing the 43 police forces of England and Wales, The College of Policing, National Crime Agency, Royal Gibraltar Police, Sovereign Base Areas Police (Cyprus), Civil Nuclear Constabulary, British Transport Police, Kent and Medway Town Fire Authority, Police Service of Northern Ireland, Ministry of Justice, and Jersey Police Authority. 

Membership is open to any organisation with a purpose or interest in the delivery of efficient and effective commercial services in support of blue light services. 

BlueLight Commercial membership delivers benefits through transforming commercial activity together. Key benefits include:

Contracting Authority

BlueLight Commercial has been set up to be able to act as a contracting authority for blue light services. This means members can realise time and resource efficiencies when participating in a contract framework set up by BlueLight Commercial.

Optional Participation

Members have the option to join any commercial activities, contracts or frameworks set up by BlueLight Commercial and also abstain if they are not relevant.

Category Expertise

The BlueLight Commercial team is drawn from blue light organisations, industry and other public and private sector businesses. Operating in virtual teams of commercial specialists they offer members practical advice and guidance on both a national and local level across the core spend categories. Category specialist seek out new technologies and innovations across their categories.

Data Analytics

Members have access to the aggregated spend analytics portal which enables rigorous interrogation of spend to identify savings opportunities at a local level. The use of robotics and artificial intelligence is also being developed.

Market Intelligence

Members have access to market intelligence and data analytical support when required.


Bluelight Commercial has been appointed to lead the blue light strategy for sustainability to achieve net zero. Key areas of focus include Fleet, Estates and Energy and the development of a national picture on EV infrastructure and technologies. As workstreams develop, members will play an active role in shaping the journey and operational delivery.

Social Value

Social Value primary focus is to refine, implement and embed social value within organisational processes to demonstrate positive societal contributions through adoption of best practice tools and techniques. BlueLight Commercial have been leading the social value agenda, delivering a free online Social Value Action Planning Tool for suppliers, national training and a new Social Value Application and Measurement Toolkit for members to use in developing their social value tender considerations.


Members have access to expert advice on policies, legislation and regulations that impact commercial activity.

Revenue Generation

Bluelight Commercial support members in the identification of revenue generation and cost recovery opportunities and are leading a number of revenue generation projects on a national basis.

Collaboration and Efficiencies

Bluelight Commercial work with members to help develop collaboration, networks and partnerships that drive efficiencies through shared services, single market engagement, common policies and procedures and automation.

Commercial Capability

Driving commercial capability across blue light services is one of BlueLight Commercials core remits. Members can use BlueLight Commercial to help develop their local commercial capabilities for both commercial professionals and other staff.  They have access to the learning and development framework, workshops, mentoring and toolkits as well as having access to the commercial capability Learning Management System. A core area of focus is the development of commercial skills across the Commercial Lifecyle not just at the procure stage.  Members have access to training and templates to provide a framework for Commercial Lifecycle implementation.


In addition to the benefits, members of BlueLight Commercial:

  • Only have £10 liability.
  • Can opt in or out of any commercial activity.
  • Have voting rights on the direction of travel of BlueLight Commercial.
  • Can attend the AGM.

How we help

Each member of our senior team is responsible for a region across the UK and can provide practical advice on best practice on all aspects of the Commercial Lifecycle including liaising with key suppliers.