Building capacity and raising commercial capability across blue light service to ensure best commercial outcomes.


BlueLight Commercial’s Capability team, can help commercial learning and development and deliver increased capability and resilience through a  multi-faceted approach. Our training and support is not only for commercial professionals but also for leaders and operational teams involved at any stage of the commercial lifecycle.

Delivering Increased Commercial Capability

We deliver increased capability through three approaches.

Leaders: Working in collaboration to embed commercial development in existing programmes, for example the Senior Command Course. Identifying stakeholder groups and development programmes in place to support growth in current and future roles, to ensure commercial awareness and understanding are included in development solutions.

Commercial Professionals: BlueLight Commercial has developed The Commercial Capability & Professional Skills Framework (CCAPS) for commercial professionals. This  outlines the critical commercial activities and competencies individuals need to develop through their careers. 

The CCAPS framework can be used to benchmark commercial roles across an organisation, ensuring high performance is delivered through the development of technical, behavioural and organisational competencies via individual training programmes.   

Operational Teams: We provide support and training to non-commercial operational teams where no solutions already exist, building programmes to support commercial development across every stage of The Commercial Lifecycle, with a emphasis on Contract Management. This ensures contracts are managed throughout their life to minimise leakage and maximise value and that operational teams are able to manager contracts with confidence. 

Learning Management System

The Learning Management System (LMS) gives members access to a wide range of free e-learning modules, commercial training courses and toolkits available on demand to support individual learning and professional development.

Upcoming courses include:  

Financial Awareness, delivered by Insight Training 

This programme helps demystify financial terminology and commercial jargon whilst enabling participants to develop confidence in discussing financial and commercial issues.

Delivered as 2 x 3 hour workshops.

Public Procurement Regulations, delivered by Bevan Brittan 

This programme goes through current procurement regulations and focuses on compliant procurement processes and protecting the procurement from challenge.

Delivered as 3 x 3 hour workshops, this interactive online course is suitable for new and existing staff.

Fundamentals in Contract Management, delivered by BlueLight Commercial 

This programme consists of BlueLight Commercial and Heads of Procurement working in collaboration to deliver a contract management improvement journey.

Delivered as 2 x 3.5 hour workshops, this interactive online course is suitable for the 'accidental' contract manager where contract management is only part of a wider role, as well as procurement and commercial staff and full time contract managers.

To enrol log into the LMS use the 'find learning' tab at the top of the screen, click 'Fundamentals of Contract Management'  featured in the first row.

Click here for more information on course dates.

Find Out More 

To find out more about how we can help you develop your organisations commercial capability or to access the LMS or book a course please email the capability team capability&