Income Generation and Cost Recovery

Optimising police force income and cost recovery by building capability and consistency across forces.


Income generation activities vary across forces with differing rates charged and variations in the application of national guidance and legislation. Not only is there is an opportunity to minimise duplication but also to realise additional benefits through a national approach to income generation and cost recovery.

How we can help

BlueLight Commercial’s Revenue Generation team can help optimise force income and cost recovery through the sharing of good practice and ideas, benchmarking data and costs, driving consistency, improving collaboration across forces, enabling local solutions, identifying and reducing contract leakage, building local capability to deliver revenue opportunities, and developing a centre of excellence for all income generation resources.

The team work in collaboration with income generation officers, finance managers, key operational and front-line managers to support income generation and cost recovery.

Key areas of activity include:

Police Forum for Income Generation (PolFIG)

Bluelight Commercial chair a quarterly PolFIG meeting, which currently has representatives from 35 forces. This meeting provides an opportunity to share the latest developments, ideas and activity across revenue workstreams. 


BlueLight Commercial chairs the national commercial and finance group with representation from all forces across the UK that manage commercial arrangements for policing at airports.  


We can provide consultancy support to members in several areas such as deep dive inspections, contract and costing guidance, contract negotiation, and income category plans, to name a few.

Contract Templates

BlueLight Commercial have published 20 contract templates and the team can support the utilisation and implementation of these contracts where appropriate to improve cost recovery and reduce risks. Available contract templates include:

  • NPCC approved special policing services agreement for football;
  • NPCC approved police services agreement for airport policing;
  • Special policing services agreement for non-sporting activities (Section 25 of the Police Act 1996);
  • Sale of professional and technical services (Section 15 of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011)
  • Grant from a local authority (Section 92 of the Police Act 1996);
  • Trademark and copyright licences;
  • Gifts, loans and donations (Section 93 of the Police Act 1996)

Find Out More 

To find out more about how we can help you to optimise income and cost recovery or to join the revenue groups we chair please email