People & Professional Services


Ensuring best practice, service excellence and value for money across professional services.

We cover the wide range of people and professional services required by our members. Utilising in-house, outsourced or mixed models, we help to standardise and aggregate requirements, ensuring service providers are engaged only where appropriate and where they can deliver significant value.

Our team 

Our professional services team has exceptional commercial experience within policing and in particular cross-force collaboration as well as insight and perspectives from the public and private sector.

Contingent Labour

In 2019/20 approximately £82m was spent on Contingent Labour across policing, encompassing a range of roles from administration to surveyors, to those requiring police specialist skills. We have been working with suppliers and forces to aggregate requirements and spend, to obtain better value. Our approach will enable competitive managed services through multiple delivery models, differentiation on roles and contracts, a 4 year framework with 7 year fixed customer call-off contract and contractual performance and service level measures. Through strategic supplier management and customer sub agreement, we will oversee implementation and onboarding, act as a SPOC and point of escalation, analyse and improve management information to drive performance, review continuous improvement plans and benchmarking process, and report savings and social value benefits achieved. Launching Summer 2021, the programme of activity will include tenders being issued in early Autumn, contracts awarded by the end of the year, with implementation and mobilisation planned for early 2022.

Occupational Health & Wellness

We are working in collaboration with the National Police and Wellbeing Service and the College of Policing to transform Occupational Health and Wellness services across policing. A series of regional workshops are being held to inform the future strategic direction.


We work in collaboration to improve the way consultancy services are procured and managed, helping to optimise spend within the consultancy field for example on IT, estates or business change. Utlising the Government guidance within The Consultancy Playbook we can help reduce overall spend, maximise delivery value and develop internal capabilities.

Learning, Development and Training

We are working with forces and the College of Policing to develop an effective commercial strategy. Helping to understand the market and suppliers, standardise and aggregate requirements, improve the service and deliver better value for money.

Financial Services

Helping to provide value for money within banking, insurance and legal services.

How we can help

We help your forces to deliver the highest possible standard within professional services whilst delivering excellent value for money. We engage with all forces, the NPCC and ultimately the end user to ensure the service provided meets your needs. 

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