Social Value Action Planning Tool

The Social Value Action Planning Tool is a free online solution that enables suppliers to develop a customised Social Value Action Plan.


The tool will help you review the environmental, economic, and social impacts of your business and allow you to clearly identify where you are already having a positive social value impact and where you could do more.

This tool will help you create a tailored social value action plan for your business, which can be used to demonstrate to customers (including BlueLight Commercial and 43 Forces) how you are contributing to the social value issues we all care about. Social value is important to all public sector bodies and it will increasingly be asked about as part of the procurement process, we wanted to ensure that our suppliers are well prepared to respond.

What are the benefits of the tool for suppliers?

Developing an action plan takes about 30-45 minutes and you can return to it at any point, to update and improve. The action planning process is simple to use and covers many of the key issues that you are already thinking about including considerations such as staff wellbeing, sustainable travel, carbon reduction and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Within the tool there is advice and guidance as well as links to further resources and information.


How will BlueLight Commercial and the 43 Forces use the data from the tool?

Firstly, you may well be asked about your action plan as part of contract management when working with us. We will look at trends and identify where groups of suppliers are struggling with certain issues and also doing well. This information will be used to develop further resources, guidance and training for our suppliers. We are committed to supporting our suppliers to deliver social value for the benefit of their business and the community.

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