The Police Industry Charter

UK policing is a high-volume consumer of products and services, which are becoming increasingly science and technology focused.

The Police Industry Charter was launched in March 2024 to set the foundational principles upon which industry partners, whatever their product or services, together with UK policing can collectively adhere to.

BlueLight Commercial in conjunction with NPCC, APCC, RISC, the Home Office and the Office of the Police Chief Scientific Adviser have agreed to manage and monitor the Police Industry Charter, created to set foundational principles upon which industry partners, whatever their product or service, and UK policing collectively adhere to outcomes.

We now invite suppliers to policing of all sizes, regardless of your product or service, to sign the Charter. A list of all suppliers who are Signatories can be found at the bottom of this page.


The Charter purpose is to: 

  • Bring all of policing and industry closer together in strategic partnership.
  • Promote open dialogue on evolving challenges and opportunities.
  • Expand opportunities for reciprocal leadership development.
  • Increase Return On Investment for products and services developed.
  • Increase opportunities for policing to develop critical skills in collaboration with industry subject matter experts. 
  • Adopt the principle of system and product interoperability in core design principles.
  • Support policing in harnessing science and technology to create efficiency and capacity.
  • Create transparency in the police and industry relationship.
  • Support a local and national approach.
  • Encourage reciprocity to principle adherence. 



By signing the Charter the respective industry partner, and policing, agree to work to these principles and promote greater partnership working in our collective mission to deliver the highest standard of service to the public and commit to:

  1. Designing products, services, and systems on the principle of interoperability first.
  2. Adopting a Maximum Transparency by Default (MTBD) position for products and services.
  3. Supporting the professional development of practitioners and senior leaders.
  4. Supporting UK policing in delivering sustainability.
  5. Collaboration and partnership.


Frequently asked questions

Do I need to sign the Charter to work with policing?

No, the charter is a voluntary commitment and is not a pre-requisite to working with policing. However, it will signal that your organisation is committed to working in partnership with policing through the five principles of the charter. 

Is the Charter legally binding?

No, the Charter is not legally, nor formally binding. It is designed to provide a visible commitment to adhere to standards, mechanisms and best practice.  

Is there a cost to sign the Charter?

No. Currently there is no cost for signing the Charter.

Once I have signed up, can I use the Charter logo?

The registration confirmation email contains the Police Industry Charter Signatory Logo and the Brand Guidelines. You are welcome to use the Signatory Logo to demonstrate your commitment to working in collaboration with policing.

What will you do with my organisation’s details?

We will publish the list of organisations who have signed up to the charter on this page. 

I am not yet a supplier to policing, but I want to be. Can I sign up?

Yes, we are welcoming all current and potential suppliers to policing to sign the charter. If you wish to tender for opportunities within UK policing our national e-tendering system will allow to view, register and submit tenders - register your organisation here for free.

What is the definition of Maximum Transparency by Default (MTBD)?

Here both sides are committing to being clear about how their solution treats information and achieves its output, wherever it is possible to do so (e.g. without jeopardising IP). Could an informed member of the public hear a briefing about the solution and understand how it is working? Are they able to understand enough to assess if it is a fair and reasonable approach? Can a user view the data and computation that is occurring within a tool, so that they can assess whether its output is appropriate to the case at hand?


What is the definition of “open-architecture”?

Here both sides commit to using system designs that make adding, upgrading, and swapping components of the system straightforward. A common way to achieve this is to integrate Open Application Programming Interfaces into the system, which allow new functions to interact and for data to flow between systems in a standard way. A tool that is proprietary and requires the purchaser to go back to the supplier to make any modifications to the way in which it works is not open architecture.

Find out more

If you have any questions about the Charter please email 



We are pleased to confirm 278 suppliers are Police Industry Charter Signatories. Below you will find a list of signatories who are happy to be publicly listed (last updated 22 May).

  • 4Merit
  • 999 Kit LTD
  • Acorn Mechanical Pipework Services Ltd
  • Ads Direct Limited
  • Advent IM Limited
  • Airmax Remote
  • AJ Engineering Services
  • Akhter Computers Ltd
  • Alan Wood & Partners
  • Alchem Technologies Ltd
  • Alchemmy Consulting
  • Altia
  • Apella Solutions
  • Apollo Doors Ltd
  • Appdrawn Ltd
  • Aspen International Limited
  • Assa Abloy Entrance Systems LTD
  • AtkinsRéalis
  • Avon Road Mark Ltd
  • Ballyclare Limited
  • Baringa Partners LLP
  • Barker & Evans Ltd
  • BAUER Consultants
  • Bauer Kompressoren
  • Bays Consulting Limited
  • BDG Training Consultancy Limited
  • BDV Recovery
  • Bespoke Traffic and Highway Solutions Limited
  • Beechwood Equipment Ltd.
  • Big Blue Door Limited
  • Birmingham City University
  • Blue Lights Digital
  • BMT Limited
  • Bolderwood Solutions Limited
  • Britannia Banners
  • B W May & Son Ltd
  • CACI Limited
  • Capgemini UK
  • Car & Commercial Solutions Ltd
  • Car-Port UK Ltd
  • Cartwright Vehicle Conversions Ltd
  • CDS (Corporate Document Services Ltd)
  • CDW Limited
  • CGI IT UK Ltd
  • Change Right Ltd
  • Chaucer Group Ltd ( known as BIP UK)
  • Chorus Intelligence Ltd
  • Clear Visibility
  • Clue Software (Clue Computing Company Ltd at Companies House)
  • Code 9 Security Ltd
  • Coefficient Systems Ltd
  • Collaboraite
  • Column Actions
  • Commerce House Wirral Ltd
  • Compass Contract Service (UK) Limited
  • Consultive Solutions Limited
  • Cooneen Protection
  • CoPaCC Ltd (trading as PolicingTV and Policing Insight)
  • Cotswold Vehicle Deliveries LTD
  • Crable
  • Cranstoun
  • Creased Puddle Ltd
  • Create Signs
  • Create Wakefield CIC
  • Crest Advisory (UK) Limited
  • Crown Computing Ltd
  • CU Services Limited
  • Cunning Running Software Limited
  • CW Headdress Ltd
  • DA Languages
  • Data Pro IT Ltd
  • Deep Insight
  • Deepcut Garage Ltd
  • Deloitte LLP
  • Demux Video Services Ltd
  • Design IT Solutions Limited
  • Devon & Cornwall Maintenance Solutions Ltd
  • Dionach Limited
  • Direct Access Consultancy Limited
  • Disklabs Ltd
  • DMN Rapid Logistics
  • DMS Protective Equipment Ltd
  • Draeger Safety UK Ltd
  • Drivetech UK Ltd
  • Dual Connections Ltd
  • ECCO Safety Group - Code 3
  • Edgar Brothers
  • Emergency Fleet Solutions Ltd
  • Emergency Vehicle Products Ltd
  • EndGrain CNC
  • Enlighten Training
  • Ergo Expert Ltd
  • Exception
  • EX1 - Digital Forensic Services Ltd
  • First Forensic Solutions Ltd
  • FISH Digital Forensics Limited
  • Fivecast
  • Flexiform Business Furniture Limited
  • FMG Support (RRRM) Ltd
  • Force Information Systems Ltd
  • Forensic Analytics Ltd
  • Frazer-Nash Consultancy Ltd
  • Freshworks Technologies UK Limited
  • Frontline Emergency Solutions LTD
  • Fujitsu
  • Fuzzy Labs Limited
  • G&L Consultancy Ltd
  • Geoff Smith Associates Limited
  • Getac UK
  • GN Electrical Ltd
  • Goaco Limited
  • GridSmart Ltd
  • Guardian Service
  • Halls Electrical Ltd
  • Herts University
  • Hexagon
  • Highland Outdoors Ltd, T/A Highland Defence
  • H-Squared
  • Hunter Apparel Solutions Limited
  • Huttie Building Services
  • Hypo Solutions Ltd
  • i2Group (Commerce Decisions)
  • Ilasco/Keela
  • Illuminet Solutions Limited
  • Infoshare Limited
  • Inclutech Ltd
  • Informed Solutions
  • IntaForensics Limited
  • Internet Investigation Solutions
  • Intoximeters UK Ltd
  • ISG
  • Issured Ltd
  • IT Training Solutions Limited
  • i-three analytics
  • J W Steele and Sons Ltd
  • KAM Projects Limited.
  • KC Autos Accident Repair Centres Ltd
  • Kirkepace LTD T/A DMS Technologies
  • Kirkpace Ltd T/A DMS Techologies
  • kulpa
  • Laser Electrical Services Ltd
  • Latus Group
  • LCSI Information Technology Limited
  • Level Peaks Associates Ltd
  • LightBulb Analytics Limited
  • Lion Laboratories Limited
  • Mace Consult Limited
  • Made Tech
  • Make Time Count Today
  • Mark Walker Grounds Maintenance Ltd
  • Mazars
  • McGregor Boyall
  • Medikit Limited
  • Merlin Power
  • Michael Aubrey Partnership Ltd t/a Michael Aubrey Telecoms
  • Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure Limited
  • Naimuri Ltd
  • NETpositive Futures Ltd
  • Neuro Tide Ltd
  • NightSearcher
  • Niton Equipment Limited
  • North East Wales Mind Ltd
  • okeeffes engraving ltd
  • Oliver Wyman
  • OpenView Security Solutions Limited
  • Opses Ltd
  • Orcuma Ltd
  • OSINT Industries
  • Pagabo Group
  • Permanent Futures LTD
  • Pertemps Professional Development Ltd
  • Phoenix Software Ltd
  • Pragmatics 3D
  • Premier People Solutions Ltd t/a Premier Partnership
  • Preston Protection Security Solutions Ltd
  • Price Western Leather Co Ltd
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
  • Principle One
  • Procure Partnerships Framework
  • Pro:Public
  • Purple Tuesday
  • QuantSpark
  • QCC Global Ltd
  • Q-Solution Ltd
  • Rapid Industrial Doors Limited
  • Real World Group Limited
  • Reality in Virtual Reality Ltd (RiVR)
  • Recipero Ltd
  • Redeeming Our Communities
  • Red Snapper Learning Ltd
  • Red Snapper Managed Services LTD
  • Red Snapper Media Ltd
  • Red Snapper Recruitment
  • Restitute CIC
  • Richford Motor Services Ltd
  • Rivus Fleet Solutions Limited
  • RJAutomotive & RJTechnologies Ltd
  • RJS Financial Consulting Ltd (trading as R Leach Consulting
  • Safe Response Limited
  • Safeguarding Associates For Excellence Ltd (SAFE)
  • Salesforce UK Ltd
  • Savient
  • Scape
  • SceneSafe (WA Products (UK) Limited t/a)
  • Security Solutions (Northern) Ltd
  • SFJ Awards Ltd
  • Sign Solutions (Sign Language Interpreting Agency) Ltd
  • Simpson Associates Information Services Limited
  • Skills for Justice
  • SMaSH Training Ltd.
  • Softcat plc
  • Sonic Communications Int Ltd
  • Sopra Steria Limited
  • Sorinteq Academy Limited
  • South Staffs Hire Ltd
  • Sportsbikeshop Ltd
  • Staffordshire University
  • Stag Business Solutions Ltd
  • Steele Davis Ltd
  • SVP Ltd
  • Sygma Security Systems Ltd
  • Synalogik Innovative Solutions
  • Systems technology consultants ltd
  • Tammer UK Ltd
  • TCH (UK) Limited
  • Technical Solutions Group Ltd
  • TechMarketView LLP
  • Telicent
  • Tensor plc
  • Teqex Ltd
  • The Association of vehicle Installers
  • The Lava Group
  • The Oil Lab Ltd
  • The Open University
  • The University of the West of England, Bristol
  • Think Different Events Ltd
  • Thomas Jacks Ltd
  • Thomas Kneale & Co Ltd
  • TJA Associates Limited
  • Top Global Quality Limited
  • TranAm Limited
  • Triad Group
  • Trilateral Research
  • Triple 9 Group Limited
  • Trustmarque Solutions Ltd
  • Ultima Business Solutions
  • University of Hull
  • University of Portsmouth Higher Education Corporation
  • Vehicle Developments
  • Vehicle Window Centre Ltd
  • Vestigo Consulting
  • Virtual College Limited
  • Voix telecom Limited
  • Von Wolf K9 Ltd
  • Warehouse Express Ltd T/A Wex Photo Video
  • Wearwell UK Ltd
  • Whittan Industrial / Link Lockers
  • Willmott Dixon Construction
  • Xewli Limited
  • Zaizi Limited

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