Sustainability Decarbonisation Programme Launch

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Policing directly impacts our local environment, from the vehicles we drive to police stations and energy we consume. Over the next few years Police Forces across England and Wales will play a significant role in achieving the Government’s Net Zero carbon ambition.

Today, the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC), the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) and BlueLight Commercial have announced the launch of a de-carbonisation programme for Policing in England and Wales.

The programme will be over seen by a Sustainability Governance Board with representation from APCC, NPCC, Chief Scientific Advisor and BlueLight Commercial. The Board’s focus will be on developing the roadmap across three key workstreams, to support local delivery by forces, these include: Sustainability Strategy and Policy, Decarbonising the Fleet (including Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure) and creating a more efficient and carbon neutral Estate.

We do not underestimate the challenges of the global climate change emergency and the impact this will have on how forces operate. Currently, 80% of our fleet is diesel and we have fewer than 1,000 EV charging points in England and Wales. By 2030, the government plans to end the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars; and we know a fully electric fleet would require over 8,000 charging stations to operate effectively. Some forces have already made significant progress in decarbonising their fleet but application across forces is inconsistent.

The Board will build on the great work already happening across policing and will help to drive collaboration and accelerate progress across all forces, delivering a decarbonisation roadmap, setting standards and highlighting some of the best practices that are already happening within individual forces.

Alongside our existing work on social value with suppliers, we will be working in close collaboration with technology innovators to shape the environmental impact of policing and our supply chains.

“The Paris Agreement in 2015, was to limit global warming to below 2 C, compared to pre-industrial levels, but as highlighted at COP26 this week, the window to keep within the 1.5 degree warming target is closing. Whilst progress has been made to reduce the carbon footprint of police forces in England and Wales the opportunity now is to accelerate the activity and ensure that a decarbonised fleet and estates are achieved in-line with Government timescales. This will involve significant collaboration and investment in technological innovation, as well as an acceleration in the pace of change” said Lianne Deeming, Senior Responsible Officer, Sustainability Governance Board.

Policing will play a key role in protecting our environment for future generations and there is strong support for the ambition set out in the Government’s Net Zero strategy.

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